Gangtok Tour Packages

With endless valleys, a bounty of colorful flora and ancient Buddhist monuments, Gangtok is straight out of a fairytale. With diverse cultures and religions coming together to form the perfect mélange, the city is the perfect tourist destination that is welcoming and warm. As you enter Gangtok, you will be greeted by the many monasteries that dot this hill town. Each one of these have their share of anecdotes from yore to share and not to mention the amazing artistry on display.

Surrounded by some of the most pristine forests of the Himalayan foothills, Gangtok promises to be the stress buster that you have always yearned for. The ideal place to kick back with a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee as the cool breeze wafts in through the window. We have the perfect Gangtok tour packages that include airfare, transfers and private transport for families, couples and solo travelers.

Just like the mystical and the mythical air about it, the city is also known for the regional fare that are extremely popular all around the world. There are handlooms, handicrafts, jewelry, culinary delights and woolen wear to choose from. If you would like to visit Gangtok, then speak to us today to get a custom tour.

Did you know that Gangtok is the only city in the country that has a litter and spit free zone? There’s a plethora of adventure activities that will delight even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie? There are ample of sightseeing opportunities for the families who come here. Here are some of the highlights of this amazing little hill station.

Tsongmo Lake

Packages for the adventure seekers

Gangtok is a lesser known river rafting destination that offers river rapids of grade I-IV+. Unlike the much crowded Rishikesh, rafting in Gangtok is usually a solitary experience with no other rafts around you. The experience is amazing and must be enjoyed. Rafting is carried out in the river Teesta that flows through the capital of Sikkim and has its share of choppy waters.

And if that doesn’t catch your fancy, then you can head to Makha, the next town that is 11 kms away and raft all the way until Rangpo passing through Sirwani. Don’t forget to be awed by the surrounding mountains as you float through these waters. For people who like to seek adventure on the land, we have a better option. Hop on …


Darjeeling Tour Packages

India is a land that will never cease to amaze you. On one side of the country lies the parched sand dunes of Rajasthan and on the other, lie the mighty snow clad Himalayas. Nestled in its foothills lies a land like non other, Darjeeling.

With an unparalleled view of never ending layers of tea gardens and the might Kanchenjunga ranges that dwarf everything around it, Darjeeling is a nature lover’s paradise. With more than one trekking route, delectable Himalayan cuisine and surrounded by lush green valleys, you will want to stay in Darjeeling forever. But the precarious terrain and the limited number of access routes make it a challenging tour to organize. We have the best Darjeeling tour packages that include everything from Tea gardens to monasteries and dedicated trekking routes through the jungles.

Experience the best of Darjeeling

You will get lost in time as you view the panoramic vistas over Tiger Hills with the Kanchenjunga spreading its arms wide open. For the adventurous soul, yearning for some adventure, we can take you on a trek to Sandakphu. And don’t forget to carry a spare battery for your camera because the terrain won’t allow you to stop clicking pictures. Everywhere that your head turns will be a photographic opportunity in waiting.  Mirik, Lava, Kalimpong and Lolegaon will leave you mesmerized with their picturesque settings. Our Darjeeling tour packages are tastefully designed and we ensure that we do not leave out any attraction. From the popular ones like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Aloobari Gompa and the Ghoom monastery to the lesser known ones, we cover them all.

A land lost in time

Darjeeling is a lot like a land lost in time. There are ornate bungalows which lie unencumbered by the glorious days of the British era. Head to the planters club to witness the faded photos which reveal the fervor which the British had for quaint places in the hills like these. There’s a potpourri of culture on the Chowrasta, Darjeeling’s main square with Nepalese, Bhutanese, Tibetans and Indians sharing their daily dose of gossip with each other. There are no pushy vendors nor autorickshaws chasing you. You are left at your own leisure to walk around this stunningly beautiful town that is called the queen of hill stations by many.  Our Darjeeling tour packages take you into the heart of the tea estates …


Ladakh Tour Packages

Hidden away in the mighty Himalayas in India, lies a land like none other. Ladakh, India’s over own version of Tibet is on the bucket-list of many an ardent traveler. Be it for the vast expanses of nothingness or the towering rocky peaks that divide it from Tibet or the oldest tantric Buddhist sect, there are many reasons to visit this barren icy desert that will leave you bewildered and have you looking inward for some soul searching.

Ladakh is land-locked or cut off from the rest of the world for a large part of the year. So, we have tastefully created Ladakh packages take you to these mesmerizing land in near-perfect weather, crossing some of the tallest and highest mountains en route. Get ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life that will leave its mark on you permanently.

Making the most of Ladakh

One of the things that we have noticed is that travelers visiting Ladakh want to start exploring the stunning terrain from the moment they step off the airplane at Leh or step out of their vehicle. We don’t blame them. Ladakh has that mesmerizing quality about it.

But to ensure that you can make the most out of every minute that you spend in this splendor of nature, we have created a bevy of Ladakh packages that allows you to choose the most ideal one that best suits your description of a holiday here. There are no limits to be honest.

If thinking of Ladakh makes you picture yourself riding on a Royal Enfield on an endless meandering road with uninhibited views of the mighty Karakoram, that’s precisely what you are going to get.

If the word Ladakh means serenity spent in an ancient monastery sipping herbal tea with a monk, we have you covered.

If your idea of a holiday in Ladakh is to spend a night under a billion stars on the bank of the turquioise waters of Pangong lake in a cozy tent for two, you are at the right place.

From families looking for an all-inclusive tourism itinerary that covers the essentials and includes a few extras, to the adrenaline junkie looking to trek solo in the quest for the elusive snow leopard, we have Ladakh packages for everyone.

Things to do in Ladakh

And if you are coming to Ladakh with a blank slate, unplanned, unclouded by …


Langkawi Tour Package

Mention Langkawi and a lot of people think about forests. Isn’t Langkawi mainly renowned for its beautiful rainforests? That’s true. But only partly. Because the rainforests flank one of the most beautiful island clusters in Southeast Asia.

Langkawi is a beach bum’s hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. An archipelago of 99 islands, there’s enough virgin untouched, unexplored beaches that will awe you with its white sand and turquoise waters in the backdrop of the dense green forests. It’s a rare geographical gem that needs to be seen to be believed. But if you have never experienced Langkawi before, then let us be your host and guide in these pristine islands.

We have Langkawi tour packages that take you from the dense shrubbery to untouched beaches in your own private boat. As you sip your glass of wine in a sailing boat watching the stunning sun set over the mountains, you will lose track of time. Don’t blame us if you want to come back again the next day.

Langkawi has something on offer for everyone. That’s the best part about it. It goes without saying that it is the ultimate romantic getaway.

Perfect honeymoon destination that has sun, surf, sand, snorkeling, scuba and sailing. What more can one ask for? Enjoy uninhibited views of the beautiful serene ocean from a Jacuzzi in your own chalet in the water. Sounds like a dream? We can make it possible with our custom made honeymoon Langkawi tour packages. Get in touch with us now to know how you can rent your own honeymoon chalet in Langkawi.

Visit a Unesco Geopark

With a geological history that spans 550 milion years, Langkawi is a place like none other on earth. In 2007, Unesco declared it as the first geopark in Southeast Asia. It is diversity at its best as mangrove forests, Sandstone Mountains, white sands, reefs, rain forests, tidal flats and caves lie entwined in the arms of nature. There is nothing more invigorating than a walk through these forests. Go on dedicate hiking trails or trekking trails and watch some of the most exotic bird species. There are more than 190 to be precise. If you are lucky, you can spot the amazing Great hornbill in all its colorful plumage. We have custom Langkawi tour packages that bring the best of Langkawi to you.

Explore the Mangrove forest

Langkawi’s mangrove forest is a …


Pattaya Tour Package

Regardless of your interests, the magic of Pattaya is not only found in the popular destinations. For a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with many photos and stories to share, you need to dig a little deeper to discover the hidden gems that are scattered throughout the city. Our Pattaya tour packages are custom designed by locals, so you have the ability to get to the heart of this incredible city. Before you plan your trip, , click here to check out our amazing Pattaya itineraries.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy peaceful, expansive beaches or experience world-class nightlife, Pattaya has something for everyone. Located on the east coast of Thailand, Pattaya is a popular resort town in Thailand that is known to truly embody the unique culture of the country.

Although the city is known for nightlife, there is so much more Pattaya has to offer. The city is home to many elaborate cultural establishments such as the Sanctuary of Truth and the Nong Nooch Botanical garden. If you want to get outside and enjoy the sun, you can tour beautiful thai wildlife on the back of an elephant. Alternately, there are many sandy beaches waiting for you to come and soak up the sun.

Pattaya Tour Package For Families

With tropical gardens, plays, zoos, waterparks and more, Pattaya has so many exciting activities for your entire family to enjoy. Start planning your Pattaya trip today and we will help you create a unique vacation that will be remembered by your family for many years to come.

While Pattaya is considered by some to be more of a nightlife city, there are actually many activities that are suitable for the whole family. In today’s globally interconnected world, exposing your children to new cultures is an excellent way to prepare them for life in the modern economy. The streets of Pattaya have incredible energy. Simply walking through the city and visiting some of our unique shops can highlight some of the most important aspects of Thai culture. The Thai restaurants are very inexpensive, and provide a unique meal that is very palatable to foreigners. We know that children can be picky, but Thai food is both similar enough to be enjoyable for children, but unique enough to be a new experience. Our tour guides know the city inside and out, so we’ll take you throughout the most …


Bangkok Tour Packages

Bangkok is known more as one of the craziest cities in the world. The Vegas or the Sin city of the East, something that’s on the bucket list of every bachelor in the world. But you’d be surprised to know that this pearl of the east is also a perfect destination for a honeymoon or a family getaway. From chasing delicate butterflies and getting awed at the fascinating marine life, to enjoying an exciting boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, our Bangkok family tour packages are a delight for everyone.

Bangkok is usually the hub for everyone looking to hop off to different areas in Thailand. But it has so much on offer in itself that you can spend ten days and still not have enough of it. It has an electric vibe that is comparable to the best and busiest cities of the world. Yet, on another side it has some of the most pristine beaches, serene temples and picturesque coral reeves. Walk up a limestone cliff and plunge into the cerulean waters. Or take to the air in a parasailing ride. Bangkok will keep you on your toes and you will return home with memories etched in your mind forever. Contact us today for unbelievable rates on Bangkok tour packages.

Soak in the Bangkok Buzz

Bangkok offers unbelievable opportunities for the backpacker. Great street food, budget priced hotels and ridiculously cheap transport, it is a traveler’s wildest dream come true. And our Bangkok Tour Packages take you through the heart of the city, guiding you through some of the wildest night spots and letting you explore alone where it warrants solitude.

The Street Food

Bangkok is renowned for its tasty and healthy Thai food that is best experienced on the streets of the city. Go to the foreigner’s eat street called Sukhumvit Soi 38                  or Yaowarat road and get a firsthand experience of the amazing variety on display. These markets are open all night and are perfect for street hoppers who like to get the real feel of Bangkok. Our Bangkok Tour Packages will let you enjoy Bangkok like you’ve never thought possible. Contact us now to get some great deals for the upcoming holiday season.

The Temples

Temples are called Wats in Bangkok and there are 400 large and small wats dotting the landscape. The most famous and popular ones include the Wat Phra Kaew that …


UK Tour Packages

The United Kingdom is quite a popular holiday destination, if only for family members of people living there on work visas. Most of the action in conventional tour packages often revolves around London and Edinburgh, with the rugged terrains of Wales and Northern Ireland often missing out! But in fact, the UK as a whole is a great destination for those seeking to soak in a little bit of history while combining it with a heavy dose of glamour. So here’s a selection of some eclectic and exciting UK tour packages that do justice to these islands.

England, Scotland and Wales

UK Tour Packages - Wales

UK Tour Packages – Wales

A fun, ten day tour offered by Yatra, this package will show you the ropes on all that is to be seen in the UK. The tour starts in London, where you meet your tour director and traveling companions, and off you go to visit the house of the most famous English writer in history – Shakespeare! Next stop is at York, England’s most complete medieval city, and the site of many interesting military encounters. From here, cross the border to Scotland, on your way to the capital city of Edinburgh. After a short sightseeing tour to the Edinburgh Castle to see the crown jewels, you will be taken to the famous Scottish countryside to see the legendary Highlands that are a feature of so much poetry from the region. Try to spot Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster at the legendary lake, and bid adieu to Scotland at its second largest city of Glasgow.

Back in England, enjoy a drive through Wordsworth’s Lake District, and then on to Liverpool, home of the Beatles. But don’t get too cozy, because Wales beckons! This is the slightly spooky, mysterious part of the trip, as you make your way from Cardiff, the Welsh capital to the Dartmoor National Park, which shot to fame with the Hound of the Baskervilles. The nature here is rugged and untouched and pristine, and will make you want to immediately sell all your possessions and move here. Last but not least, explore the strange origins and location of the prehistoric Stonehenge, before finally making your way back to London to conclude a magnificent and memorable holiday!

This ten day tour priced at Rs. 1,15,000 is quite reasonable when you see that it includes flights, visa, transport, hotels, meals and sightseeing. And …


Italy Tour Packages

Italy is a country whose name instantly evokes rich flavours, magnificent culture and history and beautiful scenery to the mind all in one go. There are many different facets of Italy you can explore on your next trip, be it the food, the wines, the countryside or even the architecture. Any theme you choose to concentrate on is sure to delight you.

Fortunately, there are many Italy Tour Packages out there which give you exactly that option and flexibility to decide how your trip turns out. Italy is one of the more popular destinations to vacation in for Indians, and it’s not hard to see why. In many ways, Italy is reminiscent of home – the people are warm and hospitable, the climate resembles India the most out of all mainland European countries, and the food is most suited to our palates.

Due to its popularity, many tour companies have honed in on what makes a trip to Italy special for Indian travelers. So if Italy is next on your travel agenda, these are the Italy Tour Packages that can ensure you have a vacation of a lifetime.

Flavours of Italy by Kesari

Italy Tour Packages - Rome

Italy Tour Packages – Rome

This tour by Kesari is 8 days and 7 hotel nights long and packs a punch when it comes to getting an overview of Italy. It’s specialty are definitely the little touches it offers that sets it apart from other Tour Operators – complimentary ice cream in Pisa and Venice Island, headphone service at key monuments and museums so you don’t have to keep reaching out for those pesky Euro coins at every turn. These little gestures make you feel well taken care of and pampered.

These Italy Tour Packages begin in Rome with an inside tour of the majestic Colosseum. You have to use your imagination a bit to imagine it back in its awesome glory, but if you’ve watched the movie Gladiator, you should have no problem with that.

In Rome, make sure to have your camera ever ready, for you will encounter delightful historic architecture at every street corner. From Rome, you proceed to Naples with your group, where you visit Pompeii as a day trip, the most visited archaeological site in all of Italy. With Naples still as your base, visit the Isle of Capri on a jet foil and later go to Anacapri by cable car.

From …


Lakshadweep Packages

With coral islands that boast of white sands and palm fronds, Lakshadweep makes the perfect tropical vacation spot—whether you’re alone, with family or friends, or with your significant other. What’s amazing is that most of these islands—except for 10—are uninhabited, so you can definitely get the peace and quiet that you need.

But of course, if it’s your first time in Lakshadweep, you might be confused as to where to go and what to do. However, you need not worry because we are here to provide you with loads of amazing choices—courtesy of our well-crafted Lakshadweep Packages that you would surely enjoy.

Canoeing and Fishing

One of the best choices from our Lakshadweep Packages involves canoeing in the crystal clear waters of Lakshadweep. You see, the waters there are so clear that you would feel like you are in Maldives or some such tropical destination. What’s great is that when you canoe, you might get a glimpse of the various corals underwater, and even see gorgeous turtles swimming around you. You also do not have to worry about falling into the water as it is only 2 meters deep, so it’s perfect even for beginners. Afterwards, you can also go fishing so you’d get some fresh food—an experience like no other! You can do even better by visiting Agetti’s Fish Hatchery in one of the islands. There are over 1,000 species of fish there, and you can even learn more about them—from their breeds, temperaments, and the like with the help of some of the smartest marine biologists around.

Visiting Minicoy and Kalpeni Islands

You can also try our Lakshadweep Packages that will bring you closer to the sea, and what’s around, by visiting Minicoy and Kalpeni Islands, two of the most stunning islands in Lakshadweep. Minicoy is the farthest out of all the islands in the area that also holds a lot of history in itself as it houses a lighthouse that has been created way back in 1885. By visiting, you get to experience such different and picturesque views of the islands—and see the water in its different shades of red and blue—something you would not be able to see if you are so close to it. The lighthouse also serves as a testament to all the shipwrecks the island has seen, some of which you can even visit these days. The lighthouse is also special because of …


Tourist Places in Kerala

Kerala is a destination of choice mostly for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Which is not to say that this is a haven for extreme sports; rather, that the appeal of ‘God’s Own Country’ lies in exactly that – god’s creations. Although there are some excellent tourist places in Kerala such as the many temples that one can visit, and Kerala also happens to be home to the oldest mosque in India – the Cheraman Juma Masjid in Thrissur District – that’s worth visiting, but all in all, it will be the backwaters, the tea gardens and the hill peaks of the Western Ghats that will capture your heart in Kerala. So in that light, here’s our pick of the most captivating tourist places in Kerala to visit in your next trip to this beautiful coastal state.


Tourist Places In Kerala - Munnar

Tourist Places In Kerala – Munnar

Munnar is a hill station located in the western ghats in Kerala, known chiefly for as a resort for the former British Raj elites and later as the site of the Tata tea estates. The tourist season runs from August to May, although it is best to avoid the winter months as it can get quite chilly.

There are extensive tea gardens located on rolling hills throughout the town of Munnar, most of which belonged to Tata, but were later sold off to employees. There are numerous treks and strolls you can take through the tea gardens of course. You can see first hand tea being picked and processed, and maybe even try a cuppa fresh from the gardens! If you want to know more about the history of the place, you can’t do better than to make a visit to the Tea Museum at Nallathanni Estate. If you can’t choose which tea garden to tour, you can’t go wrong with the Kundale Tea Plantation, which surrounds a beautiful lake to boot. For accommodations, look no further than the Tea Sanctuary, which is the name of a series of refurbished old bungalows located in the heart of the tea gardens.

Wile Munnar is a great place to just sit back and relax among the beautiful scenery that greets you everywhere you turn, it also offers a lot by way of adventure. The whole area is beautiful in the most breathtaking way where the hills are shrouded in mist and the greenery is lush in a way …