The Motorola T720

The Motorola T720 Phone

The compact and stylish Motorola T720 mobile phone, which is Motorola’s first handset with a colour screen, is a great business device but yet a sexy and sophisticated funky handset for the mobile connoisseur.

Even though there are loads of upcoming moto phones, Motorola’s new T720 mobile phone boasts a large animation-ready full-colour screen, facility to display up to nine lines of text in the smallest size, WAP 1.2.1, GPRS and Java applet downloadability with a built-in email client and extensive PDA/PIM functions. The silver classic flip design handset – slightly larger than the Motorola V66i – also features a secondary monochrome display that’s visible when the phone is closed indicating a winking green LED for incoming calls – useful if the ringer is turned off.

Other standard features of the Motorola T720 mobile phone handset include a 500 + SIM phonebook capacity, Motorola’s own iTAP predictive text entry, voice recorder, dial-activated dialling, 1MB memory, SMS chat, EMS and menu shortcuts. With an optional USB cable, the handset can be used as a CSD/GPRS modem with a laptop PC and linking a PC and a phone will allow the phonebook and calendar to be synchronised.

The new dual-band Motorola T720 mobile phone adapts to meet the needs of any mobile user and with a few taps of the keypad, users can choose to transform the model T720 with new wallpaper or screensavers, or go turbo and add new applications and tools to meet their individual needs at any given time.

Beyond the colourful look and feel of the Motorola T720 mobile phone, the phone provides up to 40 polyphonic ringtones for a real-life musical ring in the palm of your hand together with five styles of vibrating alert.

The musical fun begins when users download new ring tones that sound like songs from their favourite artists, television shows or movie theme songs. Ring tunes can be downloaded directly to the Motorola T720 and saved so users can change them at a whim — every day or every week. Ring tunes also can be specially assigned to incoming callers or event alarms for easy identification.

Game lovers and busy professionals craving a game between flights, meetings or even bus-stops can test their skills as a motorcycle rider on MotorGP, one of the three built-in games or alternatively download a new game to update their game collection. The T720’s four-way navigation …


Tourist place

Kerala is one of the lands located on the shores of the Arabian Sea located in south India. The place is commonly known for its diversifying beauty which is a feature that has contributed in making it one of the most exotic attraction site in the globe. The land is enclosed with some rivers all through its diversity, some sun-kissed beaches but more information in relation to some of the tourist places in Kerala have discussed in the article below.

In regard to the information above, Kerala offers a number of astounding and adventurous places that has made it among the most wanted tourist attraction center in the world both for the international and domestic tourists. In relation to this, through this article is a list of those adventurers places with the amazing features that you can always pay a visit to during your holiday vacation.

Kerala beaches

Many people have always expected beaches in almost all the tourist prone countries but in Kerala, the beaches are always very attractive, therefore, making the place a good one to make a visit to. More to this, unlike in other countries where the beaches are always very small to accommodate a large number of tourist, beaches in Kerala are always spacious. They are also more than you would have expected with some of the very famous and commonly visited beaches including Kovalam, Varkala, Bekal Beach, Chowara as well as the Alleppey Beach.

 tourist places in Kerala

Some stations around the Kerala hills

As you tour around Kerala, you will also come across quite a good number of flourishing hill stations. The stations are always considered good places whenever you wish to get a break or some heat as well. Some of those commonly visited stations around this place include Ponmudi, Wayanad, Wagamon, Devikulam, Lakkadi, Malampuzha as well as the Munnar hill station. The list never mean that this is the only hills in this place, there are many others but this is just a hint of the many.  Far from the heat as you take a break, through your adventure to the various stations you should also be assured of coming across some reserved forests as well as some amazing national parks.


To many people who make adventures, they usually do it with the aim of visiting wild animals which have always been a sanctuary in many countries. In Kerala, you can possibly get …